Keep Students On Task.

With GuardianWall, students are restricted to only websites you want them to see – forcing them to stay on task.

Over 1,000 Schools Use Our Product

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Looking to add 10, maybe 30, or even 50 others onto a single network? We've got you covered!

Tracking & Statistics

Learn what sites students are using the most, what sites teachers are using the most, and more!

Fast Blockers

Our services scans the web everyday to keep up with all the new websites coming out.

Award Winning

We received the Fastest School Blocker™ award in 2023, and we are striving to keep that award this year!

WiFi Blocker

We aren't your average school blocker. We don't use chrome extensions, we are an entire network blocker!

Still not sure?

With our 30 day money-back guarantee, there is no risk to try GuardianWall. No matter what, if you think you found a better option, or just don’t want to use a content blocker, we will give you your money back!

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